AngularJS Training Courses

Learn Angular from someone who actually uses it. Live coding, Q&A, practical workshops, deep theory, real world exercises and code reviews.

I have taught Angular courses to hundreds of clients all over the UK and the world. Because I know and use the material, each course can be bespoke. We will use no Powerpoint, Demos will involve adaptive live coding, Q&A and reference material to review and take away. Exercises are practical and become increasingly open ended as the course progresses.

The course can be fully tailored to the needs of the individual client, even on the fly. Courses can range from 3 to 5 days and because there's no middleman cost as little as £3100 + VAT.


Leo Horn

Leo Horn Senior Analyst Developer at Novacroft - AngularJS - August 28, 2015

By far and away the best, most in depth, and broadest course I have been on. Nick is passionate and vastly knowledgeable about the subject and it really comes through in the lessons.

Best bit: I guess the nerdy part of me liked it when we hit a remote api and displayed data back. Also…Thundercats rock!!!

Comparison with other courses: Many courses I've been on have been dumbed down and a bit wishy washy, I'm so pleased this was challenging and full of meaty examples.

John Turner

John Turner Software Development Manager at Novacroft - AngularJS - August 28, 2015

I am really pleased that we choose Nick to present the course. He keeps everyone engaged with his enthusiasm. He is clearly very knowledgeable about the subject matter and this gives him credibility with developers.

Best bit: The presentations were live coding rather than Powerpoint slides.

Comparison with other courses: Better than most.

Emma Phillips

Emma Phillips Analyst Programmer at Novacroft - AngularJS - August 28, 2015

Thank you Nick for the AngularJS course. It was very insightful. Nick was very knowledgeable about the subject matter. Would definitely recommend this course.

Best bit: All of it! Learned a lot.

Comparison with other courses: Very in depth and flexible to the group. Course was very interactive.

Aurore Trunelle

Aurore Trunelle Front End Developer at Edcoms - Angular - April 28, 2015

I followed Nicholas' advance javascript and extended AngularJS courses. I learned a lot during this well distributed training. The mix of theory and practices make it really interesting, and well-articulated. Nicholas knows his subject perfectly and can answer any questions and debate about web development all day.

All you want to do after this course, is more Javascript and AngularJS. I can only recommend this training

Sarah Tupman

Sarah Tupman Senior Front End Developer at EdComs - April 27, 2015

I attended a AngularJs course run by Nick in April 2015. After finding his website looking for such a course, he appeared to have an expansive repertoire of knowledge and I was certainly not disappointed.

Nick is extremely knowledge, approachable, and posses an excellent set of rare teaching skills. He was able to explain complex ideas and theories with an application to a real life usable scenario, and could answer any question related to JavaScript even if it was off topic.

I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend Nick to anyone looking to get their head around AngularJS - it was an absolute pleasure, and a very motivating course

The Courses

Writings on Angular

  1. Get a quick overview of what Angular is and does with my friendly and logical little Angular introduction: AngularJs - Step by logical step

  2. My highly rated introduction to Angular on Stack Overflow

Course Content

  1. Templates

    In which we get some Angular running in a browser.

  2. Binding

    Where we discover the spooky magic that is Angular data binding (of course it's not magic really, as we shall very soon see).

  3. More on Binding

    In which we bind expressions to classes and attributes and add conditional logic to our templates.

  4. Controllers

    Controllers glue the scope to the template.

  5. Scope and Scope Inheritance (View Model)

    $scope is an object in which you can store your models

  6. Watch and the digest cycle

    Here we delve into the workings of the digest cycle and discover the logic behind Angular data binding.

  7. Dependency Injection (DI)

    Dependency Injection allows us to require components simply be referring to them. Learn about DI and also split your code into sensible modules.

  8. Unit Testing with Karma (Testacular)

    All good developers write unit tests. We will too.

  9. Homework

    Fun and simple homework. It's like school

  10. Repeat and Filter

    The show-off feature of Angular. This stuff makes clients really happy.

  11. AJAX

    Drop JSON into your $scope and it will automatically bind it to the template.

  12. Templates and the Template Cache

    Talking to the template cache directly can make your app feel more responsive. Learn how.

  13. The Animation Framework

    Angular will inspect your

  14. Writing Custom Filters

    A filter is a function for modifying and presenting data. We learn to write and use our own.

  15. Writing Services

    Services are singleton objects that act as repositories of useful functions. How to make them, and when to use them.

  16. Promises

    Tidying up asynchronous code using promises.

  17. Writing Directives

    Directives tell the Angular compiler how to transform the DOM. They are the guts of Angular. You will learn all about them.

  18. Directive Compilation

    We look at how the Angular compiler traverses the DOM, oreder of compilation, and when to use the compile, link and controller functions.

  19. Isolate Scopes

    One of the most misunderstood features of directives. We learn, in detail, how to control the scope hierarchy.

  20. Homework 2

    Again, like school, but better paid.

  21. Directive Transclusion

    Transclusion allows us to pass template content to a directive as an attribute. This is a lot more useful than it sounds. Here we see why.

  22. Create, Read, Update, Delete

    We put it together and talk to a real RESTful API to build a little content driven app

  23. Build a back end with WebAPI

    Build a simple API with WebAPI, then integrate from it.

  24. Form Validation

    We validate our inputs the right way

  25. Protractor

    End to end integration testing.

  26. Resource

    Resource is an ORM for REST. Powerful and terse AJAX.

  27. Routing

    Learn about routing, Pushstate, and how to make an Angular site SEO friendly without hashbangs

  28. UI Router

    The UI Router is an alternative state based router for Angular. Learn all about it.