How does ng-app work?

Today's Angular is the angularInit function. This is the function which makes ng-app work.

tldr; It selects elements, discovers the root module name, and then shells out to bootstrap, sending it the element and the module.

Here it is:

function angularInit(element, bootstrap) {
var elements = [element],
names = ['ng:app', 'ng-app', 'x-ng-app', 'data-ng-app'],
NG_APP_CLASS_REGEXP = / ng[:-]app(: *([wd_]+);?)? /;
function append(element) {
element && elements.push(element);
forEach(names, function(name) {
names[name] = true;
name = name.replace(':', '\:');
if (element.querySelectorAll) {
forEach(element.querySelectorAll('.' + name), append);
forEach(element.querySelectorAll('.' + name + '\:'), append);
forEach(element.querySelectorAll('[' + name + ']'), append);
forEach(elements, function(element) {
if (!appElement) {
var className = ' ' + element.className + ' ';
var match = NG_APP_CLASS_REGEXP.exec(className);
if (match) {
appElement = element;
module = (match[2] || '').replace(/ +/g, ',');
} else {
forEach(element.attributes, function(attr) {
if (!appElement && names[]) {
appElement = element;
module = attr.value;
if (appElement) {
bootstrap(appElement, module ? [module] : []);

We can see right away that we have an array of names, like so:

names = ['ng:app', 'ng-app', 'x-ng-app', 'data-ng-app']

These are the attributes that Angular will respond to, letting us do the familiar angular initialisation:

<body ng:app>
<body ng-app>
<body x-ng-app>
<body data-ng-app>

In addition, we also have the following class selector.

forEach(element.querySelectorAll('.' + name), append);

which allows us to initialise by class

<body class="ng:app">
<body class="ng-app">
<body class="x-ng-app">
<body class="data-ng-app">

Next we find the module

We then have this bit of code which finds the name of the module:

module = attr.value

Finally we bootstrap

Once we have our element and module name, we can bootstrap the app like so:

if (appElement) {
bootstrap(appElement, module ? [module] : []);

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