Responsive Design Courses

The mobile internet accounts for over half of all web traffic, and if you're not tapping into it, you're missing out.

In this one day course we'll learn how to use smart media queries to optimise for devices and future devices, building sites that scale easily to any form factor.

One Day Responsive Design with HTML5 and CSS3


  • Example Sites
  • Principles
  • Finger sizes
  • Mobile landscape
  • Common devices
  • Mobile use cases
  • Designing for future devices


  • Table free layouts
  • Float layouts
  • Nested float layouts
  • Absolute layouts
  • Solving box model bugs with border-box

Media Queries

  • Horizontal Scaling
  • Vertical Scaling
  • Choosing Responsive Breakpoints


  • Showing or hiding elements
  • Restyling a horizontal menu
  • Resizing images
  • Typography
  • Scalable icon fonts
  • SVG
  • Resizing video


  • Previewing on devices

Additional topics can be added on request.


1 day Responsive Design with CSS and Angular Course

  • In company 2 day learn to program with JavaScript and JQuery: £2200.
  • In company 3 learn to program with JavaScript and JQuery: £3100.

Advanced courses

The course can also be taught in conjunction with a two day JavaScript course, or as part of a customisable 5 day Modern Web Design course.

You might also team this up with Angular and NodeJS for a full stack web design course, or with HTML5 and CSS3 for a designer to developer conversion course.

Prices are reasonable, do get in touch for more details.

How to book

Courses run through Forward Advance Training Ltd.

Please get in touch if you'd like to know more, or to book.

why these prices?

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