Putting it all together

We've now learned pretty much all the fundamentals of JavaScript. You should now be equipped to write some simple programs.

Exercise - A Sandwich Calculator

  1. Write a function called sandwich calculator. This should accept one value: slicesOfBread
  2. The function should return the total number of possible sandwiches based on the amount of slices available, so if there are 10 slices, it should return 5. Test your function with an alert box.
  3. Extend your function so it accepts two values, slicesOfBread and slicesOfCheese.
  4. It takes two slices of bread and one of cheese to make a sandwich. The function should return the total number of possible sandwiches, so if there are 10 slices of bread, but only 1 of cheese, it should return 1. You'll need an if statement to make this work.

Exercise - An Array of Sandwiches

Here is an array of requests:

var filling_requests = ['ham', 'cheese and cucumber', 'humous and mayo'];
  1. Write a function that accepts an array of requests and alerts the sandwich it is making. You'll need to iterate over the array.
  2. Extend your function so that it returns an array or sandwiches, like this:
['ham sandwich', 'cheese and cucumber sandwich', 'humous and mayo sandwich'];
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