JavaScript for Programmers Course

JavaScript for smart people.

If you already know how to program, this two day conversion course is for you. Learn what makes JavaScript unique.

Learn about closure, object orientation and, prototypical inheritance. Talk to the DOM. Talk to the server via AJAX.

This course is JavaScript for smart people.

Course Content

  1. Hello Javascript

    Variables local and global, Strings and Numbers. Variables are global by default in JavaScript, and there is a single global namespace. Here we look at the issues this can cause and how to avoid them.

  2. Functions

    Functions are first class objects in JavaScript, here we look at what this means for you.

  3. Closure and Variable Scope

    Local variables belong to a special hidden object called scope. This object can persist, even after their function has exited.

  4. Arrays and loops

    JavaScript has both classical loops and functional loops. Lets take a look.

  5. Manipulating the DOM with JQuery

    In which we investigate the power of JQuery to change your DOM.

  6. JQuery Events

    JavaScript is event driven, it reacts to user events, network events, page load events, etc. We assign callback functions to events. These are called when the event is fired.

  7. JQuery Functional each

    Functional Looping with JQuery.

  8. JSON

    In JavaScript, all objects are arrays. JSON syntax allows us to create objects quickly and easily.

  9. Object Orientation

    JavaScript is class free so any function can act as a constructor.

  10. Meaning of This

    JavaScript has a special variable called this. This is set at runtime..

  11. AJAX

    We can pull code directly from our server using AJAX.

  12. Lodash Templates

    Templates help us keep out HTML where it belongs: in the HTML.

  13. Promises

    Promises help us manage asynchronous events.


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