The MongoDB Course

Mongo is a highly scalable, extremely fast document oriented NoSQL database that allows you to query large unstructured datasets at speed.

Schemaless databases are highly appropriate for certain classes of problems. They work nicely with big data, where the schema may drift, and with service oriented architectures, where the database effectively becomes your API.

Because your data is stored in JSON, your app will require dramatically less wiring code between your front end and API. The same data can be used in the back end and the front end.

In this one day Mongo introduction you will learn to install, manage and talk to a Mongo database. You will learn the fundamentals of document storage, and will build a complete app with Mongo as a back end.


Course Content


The Mongo Console

Databases, collections and documents

Simple queries with find

Chaining queries through the aggregation pipeline

Composing expressions in the aggregate pipeline

Map reduce

Mongo with NodeJS (optional)

Mongo plays very nicely with NodeJS. In this optional section we harness Mongo to Node, Express and Angular to create a small service oriented application, the foundations for a massively scalable web application.

The course can run over two, three or four days depending on custom content. The recommended duration is three.


How to book

Courses run through Forward Advance Training Ltd.

Please get in touch if you'd like to know more, or to book.

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