The Rails Course

Rails is the highly productive rapid prototyping framework used by startups the world over.

Get your work done in double quick time. Publish websites, APIs, web applications and mobile applications using an agile, friendly framework.

Involve yourself in one of the friendliest communities on the Internet. Use MVC to keep everything where it should be, a place for everything and everything in it's place.

Course Notes

Course Content

  1. Hello World

    Every project starts with a hello world

  2. Debugging Rails

    When things go wrong

  3. Layouts and Partials

    Breaking your views out into sensible pieces

  4. The Params Hash

    Reading params from the URL

  5. Models and Talking to the Database

    The M in MVC

  6. Scaffolding and CRUD

  7. Associations

  8. The Session Hash

    Persisting session data has never been so much fun.

  9. Assets

  10. Rspec Testing

  11. Concerns

  12. Alternative Template Engines (Haml, Markdown, Slim)

  13. Internationalisation

  14. Integration


If you'd like to book a course, or just have a chat about modern webstack technology, please send an email to We can set up a simple, no pressure Skype chat to discuss your requirements.

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