The web is built on HTML and styled with CSS.

The Web Development Course

  1. Welcome to HTML

    We use tags to cut up our HTML

  2. More Tags

    Here are some more tags you can use

  3. Attributes

    Extend the behaviour of your tags with attributes

  4. Images

    Add images to your page.

  5. Lists

    Lists are used everywhere in HTML

  6. Style

    We can add style to our page using simple attributes

  7. Divs and Spans

    For selecting arbitrary bits of the page

  8. Hexadecimal Colours

    Make your page look nice

  9. Entity references

    Special Characters look nice when splashed around

  10. Selectors

    Put common styles in a style tag

  11. Extracting a stylesheet

    Our styles can live in a separate sheet

  12. Classes

    Selecting elements by class

  13. Nested Selectors

    We can chain multiple selectors together to get better control

  14. Full Width Layouts

    Default and useful

  15. Absolutely positioned layouts

    Place items where you want them

  16. Float layouts

    A useful layout which respects height

  17. Positioning with Margins

    Handy simple layouts

The Responsive Design Course

  1. Media Queries

    The magic sauce that makes it all work. Media queries let us serve different CSS depending on the width or height of the browser.

  2. Responsive Menu

    Buttons must be made larger.

  3. Responsive Images

    Images fill the available space.

  4. Vectors

    Vector graphics provide infinite zoomability.

The CSS3 Course

  1. Opacity

    Like Glass.

  2. Border Radius

    Dangerous Curves.

  3. Box Shadow

    Not just for drop shadow

  4. Multiple Backgrounds

    All lying on top of one another.

  5. Transformations

    Bend it like Beckham.

  6. Transitions

    Move smoothly from state to state.

  7. Pseudoelements

    Add elements right there in your CSS.

  8. Animation

    Make it wiggle.


If you'd like to book a course, or just have a chat about modern webstack technology, please send an email to hello@nicholasjohnson.com. We can set up a simple, no pressure Skype chat to discuss your requirements.

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