More practice with markup

We have many more tags at our disposal:

  • <h1> - Top level heading
  • <h2> - second level heading
  • <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6> - well, you can guess
  • <p> - for paragraphs
  • <em> - Extra emphasis
  • <strong> - Little bit stronger

Mark up the following as above. We’re using a few more tags this time. Do view the results in your browser as you go so you can see what’s changing.

  1. Use h1 start and end tags <h1> </h1> to demarcate the “Types of HTML” heading
  2. Use h2 start and end tags <h2> </h2> to demarcate the subheadings.
  3. Mark up the paragraphs so they display correctly using the <p> </p> tags
  4. Make the text “best way” appear in bold using the opening and closing Strong tags
  5. Make the word “incarnations” appear italic by wrapping it in opening and closing tags. Em stands for Emphasis.


Download the exercise document here:

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