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The simple API provides an API which allows you to list, view and manipulate Articles, Authors and Comments. It’s a fully functional CRUD API built on Rails that get’s flushed each night.

Exercise - Create a service to access the articles

  1. Create a service which can access the article api, doing a get request for the list of articles.
  2. Make a controller to call the service and get the articles and add them to $scope.
  3. Write a template which will display all of the articles.

Exercise - Create articles

Extend your service so it can post to the articles API to create a new article. Call it manually from within the controller to test it works.

Create form template and ng-include it on your page. Create a controller to manage form submission. Optionally add a little link or button to show and hide the form. Create a new article object in your controller and bind the form fields to it.

Now in your controller, write a submit function. Cass this function with ng-submit. This function should send the new article to your service and save it.

Transclusion allows us to wrap the content of an element inside a template.

Write a transcluded directive which adds edit links to your articles. When you click it, it should make the content editable in some way by revealing a form. If possible, reuse the article form template you wrote before.