Hi, I'm Nicholas Johnson!

software engineer / trainer / AI enthusiast

Instructor Lead Courses, Taught Worldwide by an Industry Expert

Courses run internationally at your place of business and can be fully tailored to your specific requirements. All courses are led by me personally.

Nicholas Johnson, Micro Front Ends Tech Talk, Beamery, 2018

As coders, we learn in three ways:

  1. By learning theory - knowing what should work keeps us out of blind alleys
  2. By looking at code - live coding sessions with interactive Q&A let us see how theory works in practice
  3. By writing code - exercises and labs let individuals work at their own pace. An instructor is on hand for code reviews and debugging, and questions are welcomed.

Courses consist of live coding, Q&A, exercises and code reviews. Powerpoint is not welcome, your people will not be sitting still watching a bunch of slides. Instead they will participate in self-directed lab sessions with expert tuition and demos.