Hi, I'm Nicholas Johnson!

software engineer / trainer / AI enthusiast

Angular Js Expert Lead Course

AngularJS is older technology now, but there are still many legacy apps that require contined support. Even though it is old, it remains a lovely thing. Learn Angular from someone who has actually used it commercially for many years. Live coding, Q&A, practical workshops, deep theory, real world exercises and code reviews.

I have taught Angular courses to hundreds of clients all over the world. Because I know and use the material, each course can be bespoke. We will use no Powerpoint, demos will involve adaptive live coding, Q&A and reference material to review and take away. Exercises are practical and become increasingly open ended as the course progresses.

The course can be fully tailored to the needs of the individual client, and even the individual codebase. Courses can range from 3 to 5 days and because there’s no middleman cost as little as £3100 + VAT.


  • Basic HTML
  • Basic CSS
  • Intermediate JavaScript

Course Content

  • JavaScript Concepts
    • Scope
    • Closure
    • Object Orientation
  • Basics
    • Conceptual overview
    • Angular Philosophy
    • Architecture
    • MVC
    • Dependency Injection
    • Models
    • Controllers
    • Scope
    • Templates
    • $compile
  • Templating
    • ng-repeat
    • filters
    • Built in Directives
    • Custom directives
    • Data Binding
    • Two way binding
    • Layout Templates
    • Inversion of control (don’t select, direct)
  • Forms
    • Manipulating forms and inputs in the controller
    • Binding to input fields
    • text
    • date
    • radio
    • checkbox
    • select
    • Toggling form control state with ng-show and ng-disabled
    • HTML5 attributes: required, min, max, pattern
    • Harnessing error,error, dirty, and $invalid in expressions
    • Styling with Angular CSS classes: ng-valid, ng-invalid, ng-pristine, ng-dirty
  • Controllers
    • $scope
    • inheritance of $scope
    • digestanddigest and apply
  • Models
    • Simple models
    • Object literals as models
    • scopeandscope and scope inheritance
  • API acccess and networking
    • ng-include
    • $http
    • Directive templates
    • JSON
    • JSONP
    • Application architecture
  • Services
    • Services for network access
    • Services for long lived data
    • Services that return a promise
    • Writing custom services
  • Directives
    • Creating a simple directive
    • What are directives
    • Templates
    • External templates
    • Compile and Link
    • Isolate scopes
    • Transclusion
  • Other components
    • Factories
    • Values
    • Constants
  • Routing
    • ngRoute
    • $routeProvider
    • Configuration
    • Hashbang routes
    • Passing parameters
    • PushState
    • Angular SEO
  • Testing
    • Unit testing with Karma and Jasmine
    • End to end testing with Protractor
  • Animation
    • ngAnimate module
    • CSS3 Transitions
    • CSS3 keyframe animation
  • CRUD
    • Build a real content based app against an API
  • Optional extras
    • JavaScript topics - functional scope, closure and prototypical inheritance
    • NodeJS, Express and Mongo back end stack
    • Mongo as a service with Firebase or Parse
    • SEO with Angular Apps
    • Mobile app development with Phonegap
    • HTML5 and CSS3

Courses can run at your offices anywhere in the world, or out of a bright and shiney Brighton based training venue.

Suggested Course Variants

Courses can be fully tailored in content and duration. The following are examples of configurations that could work.

The AngularJS Course

Three days of Angular covering templates and all the core principles and components. Learn to build and test an Angular App the right way, and finally build a real app against a live API.

Price: £5850

Duration: 3 days

AngularJS + JavaScript

JavaScript is an often misunderstood language. It looks superficially like Java, but is different enough to cause developer confusion and occasional outrage! The Angular course plus JavaScript: function scope, closure, object orientation (which is different in JavaScript), and functional concepts.

Price: £7800

Duration: 4 days

Angular + NodeJS

NodeJS is the perfect accompaniment to Angular. JavaScript as an event driven language makes a powerful server. Your JSON data shuttles easily between the server and client.

Price: £7800

Duration: 4 days

Angular + NodeJS + Mongo + Express (MEAN)

An app built on the mean stack is JavaScript front to back. It will be fast, highly scalable, agile and moderately light on server resources. This is an agile stack favoured by many developers.

Price: £9750

Duration: 5 days


Leo Horn

Leo Horn Senior Analyst Developer at Novacroft

By far and away the best, most in depth, and broadest course I have been on. Nick is passionate and vastly knowledgeable about the subject and it really comes through in the lessons.

Best bit: I guess the nerdy part of me liked it when we hit a remote api and displayed data back. Also…Thundercats rock!!!

Comparison with other courses: Many courses I’ve been on have been dumbed down and a bit wishy washy, I’m so pleased this was challenging and full of meaty examples.

Emma Phillips

Emma Phillips Analyst Programmer at Novacroft

Thank you Nick for the AngularJS course. It was very insightful. Nick was very knowledgeable about the subject matter. Would definitely recommend this course.

Best bit: All of it! Learned a lot.

Comparison with other courses: Very in depth and flexible to the group. Course was very interactive.

Aurore Trunelle

Aurore Trunelle Front End Developer at Edcoms

I followed Nicholas’ advance JavaScript and extended AngularJS courses. I learned a lot during this well distributed training. The mix of theory and practices make it really interesting, and well-articulated. Nicholas knows his subject perfectly and can answer any questions and debate about web development all day.

All you want to do after this course, is more Javascript and AngularJS. I can only recommend this training

Sarah Tupman

Sarah Tupman Senior Front End Developer at EdComs

I attended a AngularJs course run by Nick in April 2015. After finding his website looking for such a course, he appeared to have an expansive repertoire of knowledge and I was certainly not disappointed.

Nick is extremely knowledge, approachable, and posses an excellent set of rare teaching skills. He was able to explain complex ideas and theories with an application to a real life usable scenario, and could answer any question related to JavaScript even if it was off topic.

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Nick to anyone looking to get their head around AngularJS - it was an absolute pleasure, and a very motivating course