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MongoDB Expert Lead Course

This one day Mongo course is a high speed quickstart into the world of Mongo. Working with the console and real world big data, you will learn how to query your data using Mongo’s helper functions, and will then learn how to access the real raw power of Mongo with the aggregation pipeline.

The course is exercise based and you will be writing real Mongo queries with a real Mongo console hosted in the cloud.


  • Intermediate JavaScript
  • Foundation level HTML

Course Content

  • Introduction
    • Conceptual overview
    • Thinking in documents and collections
    • Installing Mongo
  • The Mongo Console
    • Connecting to the console
    • Viewing Databases and collections
  • Databases, collections and documents
    • Making a Database
    • Making a Collection
    • Storing a document
    • Retrieving a document
    • Modifying a document
  • Simple queries with find
    • Using find
    • Partial matches
    • Expression matches
    • Counting
    • Grouping
  • Chaining queries through the aggregation pipeline
    • What is the aggregation pipeline
    • $match
    • $project
    • $group
    • $unwind
    • $sort
    • out
  • Composing expressions in the aggregate pipeline
    • $date operators, grouping by date
    • counting, counting by group, counting group totals
    • text search
  • Map reduce
    • What is Map Reduce
    • When to use Map Reduce
    • Practical exercises

Mongo with NodeJS (optional)

Mongo plays very nicely with NodeJS. In this optional section we harness Mongo to Node, Express and Angular to create a small service oriented application, the foundations for a massively scalable web application.

  • Intro to Node, Express and Angular.
  • Mongoose
  • Using Mongo as an API
  • Data integrity and security
  • Building an app.

The course can run over two, three or four days depending on custom content. The recommended duration is three.

  • Two day quick course - get up to speed with Angular quickly, includes templates, controllers, services, the fundamentals of directives and unit testing with Karma.
  • Three day extended course - All the above plus more time spent on directives, and Protractor.
  • Four day full course - Build a simple but fully featured CRUD application backed by a live Restful API.

You can also build your own - Every course is custom made. If you have a specific requirement, it can probably be accommodated.


  • In company 1 day quick MongoDB course: 2000.
  • In company 2 day MongoDB Angular course 4000.
  • 1 day individual courses in Brighton: £900 per person.