The tags we have used so far all have some default styling associated with them. h1 tags are big and bold. p tags have space above and below them.

There are a whole class of tags that have little or no default styling. We use them to mark up parts of our page, and then add our own styling.


Use the following HTML:

  <!DOCTYPE html>

        My Wonderful Page


          My Wonderful Title

        Some fabulous content

        A handy footer, possibly containing some links



Using style attributes:

  1. Add a background colour to the header.
  2. Add a top border to the footer.
  3. Add some padding to the article.
  4. Change the font for the whole document (tip: add a style attribute to the body tag)

Further exercise

Also using style attributes:

  1. Put a border around the whole body.
  2. Add padding to the body.
  3. Set the width of the body to 800px.
  4. Add a table to the article. Set the width of the table to 100%.

Do not be tempted to use width attributes or anything like that. Only use style attributes.