Tables can be used for presenting tabular data. Create a table using the table tag.

Say you have a list of people, you might mark it up like this:


This would display something like this:

%table{ border:‘1’ } %tr %th Name %th Age %tr %td Dave %td 42


Mrs. Hat wants to buy a new pet for her grandchildren. Write HTML to create the following useful table that will help her decide which one to get:

%table{ border:‘1’ } %tr %th %th Swimming Ability %th Flying Ability %th Love of Cheese %th Furriness %tr %th Cat %td 3 %td 1 %td 8 %td 8 %tr %th Kitty %td 2 %td 4 %td 9 %td 12 %tr %th Dog %td 8 %td 0 %td 6 %td 6

Extend the table with an ‘overall score’ column.