HTML Tags generally come in pairs, a start tag and an end tag. A start tag looks like this:

. This tag means start a new paragraph. An end tag looks like this

. This tag means end your paragraph.

Tags are placed before and after the text we want to wrap, so if you wanted to make a paragraph you might write:

<p>Here is my paragraph</p>


When you place a start tag i front of a piece of text, and and end tag after, the whole construct is known as an element. Writing HTML is a process of sensibly splitting your content into elements using tags.


This exercise is just about getting something working in a browser.

  1. Create a folder to hold your code. You might want to create a folder called ‘exercises’, then create a folder inside it called ‘exercise_1’.
  2. Create a file. Call it index.html.
  3. Open it up in a browser, either by doouble clicking, using file alt, or choosing ‘open in browser’ from sublime.
  4. Add some text to your file and mark it up as a paragraph.
  5. Add a second paragraph to your file.